Welcome to The Hagblom Family homepage. Most of our genealogy is documented in Swedish. So, here is a brief summary:

The origin of our family goes back to March 11, 1765, when Olof Olofsson enlisted as a dragoon for Jämtlands Regiment (Brunflo Compagnie, Andra Corporal Skapet, No 39) whith the soldiername Hagblom.


Olof was probably borne in 1747, in the village of Haga, Lockne parish, Sweden. HIs fathers namn must have been Olof.

On November 13, 1774, he married Brita Jacobsdotter. Brita was the daughter of farmer Jacob Andersson (1714-1756) and Brita Jönsdotter (1719-1805) in Torvalla village, Brunflo parish, just north from Lockne. Brita was borne on January 23, 1748.

Olof and Brita got four children - Jakob (1776-1839), Brita (1780-1839), Olof (1783-1824) and Per (1786-1835). 

Some how the family ended up at Kapelberget in Härnösand, where their son Pehr was borne. Olof got his resignation from the regiment 1787, due to his Hernia (scrotalis?). Although, he had served well. Later he was registered as "worker".

Olof died in Härnösand from his Hernia (or the following peritonitis and/or sepsis?) on April 16, 1816. Brita died of age on January 15, 1820, in Härnösand.


Per Hagblom was borne on November 18 or 19, 1786, in Härnösand. He came to work as a mason in there.

He married Segri Olofsdotter on November 14, 1812, in Själevad. She was borne in Själevad village, less than 100 kilometers northeast from Härnösand. They got five children who survived to adulthood - Olof Petter (1813-), Anders Jakob (1815-1880), Anna Kajsa (1819-1872), Brita Stina (1822-1879) and Erik Abraham (1827-1878).

Pehr died in February 1835, less than 50 years of age. Segri died in September 1841, at the age of 53.


Erik Abraham Hagblom was borne in 1827 in Härnösand, where he came to worke as a saddler.

On October 29, 1854, Abraham married Helena Sofia Lindblom, borne in 1828 in Härnösand. She was the daughter of the skipper Olof Lindblom (1789-1831) and Sofia Holmer (1789-1866). The marrige was probably arranged in a hurry, because of their pregnancy. Their son Karl Erik Oskar (C.O.) was borne in Härnösand two month later, on December 17, 1854. Then they had six more children - Per Olof (1857-1905), Kristina S A (1839-1901), Robert W (1861-1924), Axel E (1863-1951), Frans A (1866-1867) and Johan A (1869-1869).

Erik Abraham died of tuberculosis on February 26, 1878, in Säbrå outside Härnösand. Helena Sofia died in Härnösand on January 15,1896, at the age of 68.


Karl Erik Oskar (C.O.) Hagblom was borne in Härnösand, on December 17, 1854. C.O. worked as a shop assistant from around 1870. He then became a businessman with his own stores in Stöde (1872), Fränsta and Hammar (1874), during the period when the railroad was being built. The Fränsta-store became bankrupt in 1910.

On June 18, 1876, C.O. married Kristina from Själevad, borne on March 31, 1852. She was the daughter of the farmer Sven Johansson (1816-1883) and Christina Abrahamsdotter (1818-1860). Through life Kristina's last name to vary - Svensdotter, Johansson, Jonsson and Jönsson.

They got 12 children - Jenny (1876-1877), Karl Filip (1877-1910), Set Konrad (1879-1968), Fritz Gunnar (1881-1902), Ernst Oscar (1883-1963), Gustav Rudolf (1885-1964), Gerda Sofia (1886-1977), Arvid Teodor (1888-1889), Bror Teodor (1890-1970), Sven Verner (1892-1946), Ragnar Nikanor (1894-1909) & Tolv Erik Leonard (1896-1916).

Kristina died in Torp - a village between Stöde and Fränsta - on October 25, 1931. C.O. died in Barkarby, Järfälla, outside Stockholm on July 6, 1936.


Ernst Oskar Hagblom was borne in Härnösand on August 15, 1883. He went to school from 1890 and was confirmed in 1897. Oskar worked in his fathers stores, exept when he was doing his military service in Sollefteå 1904 (112 days), 1905 (30 days) and 1906 (30 days). Thereafter he worked for different lumber-companys (Sjönell & Sundström, Sandvik sellulosa and Skönviks). Among other tasks he worked outdoor with roadbuilding and as a superior raftsman.

Oskar married Lea Edit Åberg in 1918, the daughter of Nanny Augusta Sandelin (1861-1950) and Olof Åberg (1858-1933). Lea was borne on January 21, 1897, in

Skönsmons parish. They started their marriage in Haverö, Östavall. Haverö lies by the valley of river Ljungan, where their son Bengt was borne in 1920. After 1925 they lived in Stavre (Stenbecksgården), in the parish of Revsund. During The Continuation War (1941-1944), Helena (1938- ) became a part of the Hagblom family.

After a period of reumatic sicknes Oskar had to stop working outdoors and became a book-keeper. At wintertime he still, however, had to count the logs of lumber that had been gathered on the ice of the lakes. Many times his work had to be carried out when the cold was severe. Although, he never got cold hands writing down the numbers from the logs. During these periods he also wove afur coat from woll. He also got peptic ulcer in 1935, 1937 and in 1949 he got surgery.

Oskar ended up as a principal book-keeper in Ånge, Östavall and Stavre, and retired in October 1946 to Eriksberg in Bräcke. He died on December 18,1963, while his whife Lea lived until  March 31,1971.


Bengt Uno Hagblom was borne on January 7, 1920, in Haverö, Östavall. He graduated as a student from Härnösand´s highschool in 1940. Then he enlisted in the Swedish army artillery during the second world war. He served The United Nations by the Suez-canal in 1967-1968 and retired as a lieutenant colonel in 1970. The year after, he sold military aircraft and artillery in West Pakistan.

Bengt married Inga-Britt Melin, a post-office-cashier, on June 30,1946. She was borne in Luleå on December 15, 1920. Bengt and Inga-Britt settled in Östersund, where they raised four children - Gunilla (1947), Håkan (1950), Per (1955) and Henrik (1961).

After having retired from his military service in 1970, Bengt, among other engagements, worked as principal and teacher at a fishing-school in Rörvattnet, in northern Jamtland - he was a pasioned angler. He also wrote a history-book (more than 500 pages) to celebrate the hundredth anniversary of his Royal Artillery Regiment of Norrland (ISBN 91-630-0870-X).

Bengt died on March 1, 2004, probably by another stroke. Inga-Britt lived until December 11, 2011.